Invited talks

2015     Roundtable “The Political Economy of Japan and the EU: Challenges and Strategies”, Chatham House, London, United Kingdom

2014     Introductory keynote at Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable “Freedom Of Movement Under Threat?”, European Liberal Forum (ELF), Vienna, Austria

2012     Conference ‘Liberal Answers to modern Migration and Integration issues in Western Europe’, European Liberal Forum (ELF), The Hague, the Netherlands

2010     Presenting the Dutch case at the conference ‘Immigration, liberalism, and the nation-state. Israel in a global perspective’ Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel.

Radio, blogs and print media

2015,  November 13, Radio 1 Vandaag, interview on whether French integration policies might explain the attacks by Islamist terrorists

2015,  July 20, BNR nieuwsradio, contextualising David Cameron’s speech on tackling extremism in the UK

2014  Mass-migration fears in Europe: Some facts about intra-EU mobility, Debating Development A conversational blog from researchers at the Oxford Department of International Development

2010, March 18,  Intermediair, nr11, p34, “Hollands Glorie. Integratie: ‘Kom er bij’”. Interview on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, April 2, NRC Next, short piece on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, March 10, VPRO Noorderlicht radio, interview on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, March 3, BNR nieuwsradio, discussion with former minister of Integration Affairs Eberhart van de Laan on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, March 2, NPS radio 5, interview on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, February 28, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, interview on conclusions from dissertation project

2010, February 28, Volkskrant “Taalbeheersing van Turken slechter”, & “Franse Turken beter geïntegreerd dan Nederlandse”

2010, February 28, Telegraaf, “Turken minder geïntegreerd dan in Frankrijk’”

2010, February 28,  Trouw, “Franse Turke intergreert beter dan Nederlandse”