I have taught several courses on research methods to postgraduate students. The goal of these courses is for students to become critical consumers and producers of social scientific research.  Classes are a mix of lectures, discussions and small group exercises. Most classes are based on examples of research in migration studies.  I have uploaded syllabi, selected class slides and examples of small group exercises.

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My favourite course to teach is introductory statistics. This course assumes no prior knowledge and ends with multivariate OLS regression with dummy variables. It also covers the use of Stata (software for statistical analysis). Students had weekly homework assignments mostly based on examples from migration studies. I have uploaded the syllabus, Stata guide, examples of class exercises and homework exercises.

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I have taught multiple classes on citizenship and immigration for postgraduate students. In these classes I have tried to encourage students to broaden their horizon by including cases from Europe, North America, East Asia, the Gulf and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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