Research Methods

Research Methods in Migration Studies

This is an eight week course for postgraduate students. Students come from social sciences and humanities. Not all had prior training in research methods. The course aimed to train students to be both critical consumers and producers of social scientific data by increasing understanding of the choices involved in conducting research and the consequences of these choices. The first part of the course focuses on epistemology, methods, conceptualisation and sampling. The second part covers a range of common qualitative and quantitative methods in migration studies.

Assignments for class presentations

Week 1 – Qualitative and quantitative approaches in migration studies
Exercise on the differences between quantitative and qualitative approaches

Week 2 – Concept formation and measurement

Week 3 – Sampling, representativeness and generalizability

Week 4 – Ethnography

Week 5 – In-depth interviews

Week 6 – Surveys

Week 7 – Data on international migration and migration policies

Week 8 – Methods for text analysis

Methods in migration research: selecting methods and cases

Two-day workshop for postgraduate students specialising in migration studies. Part of a multi week course.
Day 1 – selecting and mixing methods
Day 2 – selecting cases